Men’s Trendy Brooch Bow Tie With Lapel Pin – Coral Peach


  • Made of new and high quality material.
  • Comfortable and Durable.
  • Easy to match well with any other accessories or shoes.
  • Suitable for wearing in any occasions, such as daily or work, party, executive functions, etc.
  • Coral Peach Color
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A Tie is usually worn with a suit and is a basic item of clothing for people (especially men) who want to get married and also in daily life or work environment.

In social etiquette, anyone wearing a suit should wear a tie, the length of the belt buckle is appropriate, if wearing vest or sweater, tie should be placed behind them, generally between the fourth or fifth buttons of the shirt.

The earliest ties date back to the ancient Roman empire.

At that time, soldiers wore scarves on their chests, which was a cloth to wipe their swords, but in the modern days now, tie mostly USES the stripe pattern, the origin lies here.

Administrative series is designed for white-collar workers and set, design with eternal dot, twill, grid.

Material exquisite, elegant and easy to grow.